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<2002> Client: BALS Corporation 2003	NYADC (New York Art Directors Club) Distinctive Merit Award; Japan Package Design Awards, Silver Award Collage Fur Fur
<2004> Client: Mochida Healthcare Co., Ltd. SPIRALMARKET's wrapping paper, shopping bags, stickers, ribbons and shop cards
<2003> Client: Wacoal Art Center Co., Ltd. Yokohama Museum of Art 15th anniversary museum shopping bag 
<2005-> Client: Yokohama Museum of Art Museum Shop
2005 Japan Package Design Awards, Special Judge's Award KIRAKIRAJAPAN Project
<2006> Client: BANDAI Co., Ltd. Ramen-spoon/fork 
<2007> Client: Sugakico Systems Co., Ltd./Noritake Tableware Co., Ltd. Mori Building Valentine's Day wine and chocolate
<2002> Client: Mori Building Co., Ltd. Screw Punch
<2005> Client: NONAKA Mfg. Co., Ltd. Gift packaging and shopping bag for "one's home"
<2003> Client: Jtex Co., Ltd. (Currently known as WORLD LIVINGSTYLE CO., LTD.) Sanyutei Eiraku   Facecloth and noshi gift wrapping paper 
<2000> Client: Sanyutei Eiraku Noshi gift wrapping paper 
<2002> Client: Japan Typography Association