MASAMI DESIGN New Year's postcards (1999-)

Client: MASAMI DESIGN Co., Ltd.


The "0" card was the first of a series of New Year's postcards in the shape of a number.

The combination of a numeral and the card is a MASAMI DESIGN original, created every year to express a feeling of appreciation for the people to whom Takahashi owes much gratitude.

The "0" New Year's postcard for the year 2000 was used also as publicity for a three-artist show under the theme "hole."

The card comes with detachable circular sheets in the shape of the number "0" and Takahashi incorporated various metaphors ― hole, ring, zero, etc.: Three zeros/holes for the year 2000 represent the three artists (the hole metaphor) of the show; two circles with holes in the middle are the two artists who make jewelry rings (the ring/hole metaphor); and the card with holes connotes Takahashi's artwork called "Ana (hole)" featuring a geisha girl making a peephole in the shoji screen to take a peek at the adjacent room (the zero metaphor).

People were astonished to have received a polypropylene transparent "postcard" with detachable circular parts, as they had never seen anything like it mailed to them.

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