Event flyer for the movie event Cross+breeD (2000)

Client: CAF-Community Art Funabashi

This flyer was produced for a movie event with the theme, "sex education and dissection."

Takahashi thought of a design of a nude, male protagonist who could be "dissected" slowly as the perforated center strip was torn off. As the theme revolved around education, which takes effort to obtain, the text on the flip side was printed in a light color, which required the readers to try hard to make it out.

Because Takahashi wanted to add this extra perforation feature so that she could ask the readers to perform an action (i.e., tearing off the center strip), while staying within budget constraints, she decided to make both sides monochromatic, instead of making one side full color as originally planned, to reduce printing costs. The success of this design was made possible by various creative solutions such as these.

Using craft paper for graphic design, which we see everywhere these days, was also an unprecedented concept at that time. (It was used mostly as packaging material.) This craft-paper flyer with characters and illustrations printed in white ink was therefore a showcase of ambitious experiments, as well as a sample of the many design methods produced by Takahashi's radically new creative thinking. They pleasantly shocked many people at that time.