Universal Calendar (2003)


The client for this project has published many calendars, and its objective for this project was to create a calendar which could become a classic/standard, would be universal, ever-new, and could be published every year just as is.

The font used for the calendar was called the "Forefinger Font," as it was developed by Forefinger Kenkyukai*. It is a clearly legible and highly usable font designed for both people with weak eyesight and those without. The end result is a calendar for universal use.

It comes in two versions, white and black, so the purchaser can choose whichever is easier to use. It is glue-bound at the top like a memo pad. It is so designed that multiple pages can be torn off and used to create a quarterly calendar, or in whatever way the user considers most effective, instead of being a static, one-month-at-a-time calendar.

*The Forefinger Kenkyukai is a group which studies tactile characters with which Takahashi is affiliated.