Play: "Deja Vu 01 - Ijuin Keibuho No Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Assistant Inspector Ijuin)"
poster (2001)

Client: RUP CO., LTD.

This is a poster for a play entitled "Deja Vu 01."

Images were printed on tracing paper, an idea inspired by the title, and on both sides of the poster, to present one world on one side and another on the other side.

Her double-sided poster design, allowing viewing from either side, was a first-of-its-kind concept and the idea worked well on the poster board made of glass at the performance venue. She wanted to avoid the customary situation where a poster looks pretty on one side but the other is a complete waste of space, left blank aside from strips of adhesive tape.

The poster was also designed in a way so that it can be multiplied two, four, or more times using both sides, and turned into a pattern or a huge poster which leaves an equally large impact on the viewer.

She also took advantage of the freedom provided by the display area at the performance venue, where a large space was made available for publicizing many plays, while at train stations, only limited, assigned spaces were allowed to be used.

Takahashi also designed five other flyers and a theater program which she made to look intriguing, using images of actors rehearsing.