ARK Hills (a business-commercial-residential complex in Akasaka/Roppongi, Tokyo)
Christmas poster (2001)

Client: Mori Building Co., Ltd.

For three consecutive years, ARK Hills held a series of campaigns during the Christmas season entitled "ANGEL GARDEN." Takahashi was commissioned with the design for the final year, with an image of the angels going back to heaven.

She had already been responsible for the visuals for various ARK Hills events planned throughout the previous two years, including posters, newspaper ads, promotional goods, and venue signage.

For the final year, a hologram-covered Christmas tree which transforms its image as the lighting changes was used on the poster. This style was invented with artificial lighting in mind, as such illumination works differently from bright sunlight―a design concept which was totally new at that time.

Takahashi was told by Mori Building Co. officials that there were people who asked every year for the posters designed by Takahashi.

Note: In 2001, there was no known method for pasting full-sized holographic polypropylene film directly onto B1-sized posters. Takahashi, resurrecting an idea which she had come up with in her teens, worked with printing/processing experts to make this technique a reality.