Omotesando Hills (upscale shopping mall / residential building)
Christmas poster, billboards, and other items (2006)

Client: Mori Building Co., Ltd.

This was a project to decorate Omotesando Hills, as it celebrated its first Christmas in 2006.

Takahashi worked on the posters, billboards, train station ads, venue space design, and many other items.

Because it was the first Christmas for Omotesando Hills, the event, positioned as the most glamorous of all annual events at the building, was planned and designed to serve as the basis for future Christmas events, including how the venue could be used creatively.

The theme colors were champagne gold and purple. For the poster, a hologram was used on the full-sheet.

The client, Mori Building Co., requested that the design be gorgeous as well as relatable to local communities, as it was the debut year for the building and they hoped to make it a "nice Christmas greeting" as well.