Christmas poster and playing cards (2002)

Client: PARCO CO., LTD.

P' PARCO is a department store in Tokyo's Ikebukuro, packed with tenants selling fashion products for the younger generation. For its 2002 Christmas campaign, Takahashi was responsible for designing ads, posters, the shopping space, and various promotional goods.

To accommodate the target audience of teens and early 20's, PARCO requested a design expressing a "Christmas that has a 'feel of both the street and warmth.'"

To embody a festive atmosphere of the Christmas season on the street, Takahashi depicted a traffic controller-turned-Santa Claus actively at work. Inside the P' PARCO building, life-size Santas were displayed, together with roadside work-motif decor, such as an imaginative Christmas tree made of red, big traffic cones, to boost the festive mood.

Other promotional goods designed for the campaign included playing cards with the four suits represented by helmets, traffic cones, work gloves, and boots, and 3D Christmas cards with roadside safety signs and a Santa Claus.

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