Poster for the movie Baran (2003)

Client: Nippon Herald Films Inc.
(Currently known as KADOKAWA CORPORATION)

This was a project to design a total package of visuals for the movie Baran, directed by Iranian film-making maestro Majid Majidi, whose well-known works include Children of Heaven. Takahashi designed posters, newspaper ads, brochures, and other items.

This project was Takahashi's attempt at achieving a design rooted in the images of the director's past films, yet epitomizing his new world-view in a deeper way.

Key images in the movie―vegetables, a pattern of flowers, and a girl from a particular scene in the movie (the main illustration in the poster)―are incorporated to remind spectators of their symbolic significance when they see the poaster again after watching the movie.

Baran was released all around the world with accompanying publicity, but director Majidi praised this particular work, saying that it was his favorite of all the posters made for all of his movies.